Pilot Testing Phase for Water INTENsE Project

This project’s augmented/virtual reality (AVR) learning modules are under development. The topics are drawn from a survey of water industry professionals and educators. Subject areas include centrifugal pumps, water sampling and analysis, and confined space, specific to the water/wastewater and agricultural water conservation fields.

The first series of modules are in the initial pilot-testing phase in several community college classrooms around the country. Beginning with the centrifugal pump series, they’re due to be released to the public in spring 2019. We’ll add more details here as the pilot testing progresses.

Initial College Partners for Pilot Testing:

  • Bristol Community College, MA
  • Clark State Community College, OH
  • Modesto Junior College, CA
  • Muscatine Community College, IA
  • Parkland College, IL
  • Scott Community College, IA