ATEEC and MIT teamed up to produce Technology and Environmental Decision-Making: A critical-thinking approach to 7 environmental challenges. This is a series of seven high-quality instructional modules developed by researchers and instructional designers. The series, aimed at college and high school instructors, delivers science-based background information and the latest research on a variety of environmental concerns. The modules provide a refresher for the instructor on the scientific background of each environmental issue. Additionally, they promote teaching critical thinking through the inclusion of resources and activities for use in the classroom.

The original seven modules are available either as a zip file or on CD. Topics include:

  • Air quality,
  • Climate change,
  • Energy-efficient vehicles,
  • Environmental decision-making processes,
  • MTBE contamination,
  • Nonpoint source water contamination, and
  • Point source water contamination.
    Download a zip file of the original module series.

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ATEEC has since updated selected modules from the series, available as interactive pdf documents from the sidebar on this page.

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