Implement Material or Service

Once designed, the material or service is ready for implementation. Probably the first and most important part of this process is to raise awareness of the new instructional materials and get it adopted, or used, as soon as possible. Once the material is in the classroom, whether it is a training or traditional educational setting, it can be refined through the feedback gained from assessment and evaluation. The only way the material will improve is through the adoption of it by stakeholders. Then the stakeholders' evaluation will become integral to making the material the best it can become for its intended use.

It is important to decide when to start implementation. There are at least two approaches:

  1. Begin when the development work is done.
  2. Begin dissemination when the project begins.

The second approach helps speed up the overall implementation process and improves the quality of the project because certain hurdles are realized and corrected earlier in the overall scheme of development.