Develop Material or Service

The development of instructional material or services varies with the type of project. Interactive materials, online courses, and text-based tutorials will each differ greatly from the other. The steps common to all types of instructional development include:

  1. Determine the instructional strategy that fits the learning objective.
  2. Research other similar materials that might already be available. Then determine if it is best to adapt existing materials as opposed to creating materials from the ground up.
  3. Determine the best medium in which to develop the materials in terms of usability for the learner, and ability to provide needed feedback through assessment and evaluation.
  4. Create a storyboard of the project to help visualize how you will bring the content to life for the learner. Then revise based on what you learn from the storyboard.
  5. Use content experts where needed to gain information. After the information is organized into a draft format, have the content expert review it for accuracy and completeness.
  6. Once the initial drafts seem to have solid content, fine tune the organization and usability of the instruction.
  7. As the content is developed, the assessment instruments should also be designed.
  8. Revise the final draft and prepare for implementation.