What Happens During a DACUM Workshop?

The expert workers on the DACUM panel work with the DACUM facilitator using guided brainstorming techniques to discuss and reach a consensus on a job title, job description, and identification of the areas of competency and tasks. Each suggestion is written on a card and attached to the wall for easy viewing by all panel members. This method ensures that the ideas can be easily created, rearranged, and discarded (or retrieved) during the panel discussion. The tasks are written using action verbs to ensure that they are performance-based and as clear as possible. When consensus on the content is reached, the panel refines the wording and prioritizes the tasks. The completed DACUM chart contains general areas of competency (in a single column to the left), followed by rows of the specific tasks within each general area.

Depending on the intended use and specific requirements of each DACUM, the panel may also identify general knowledge and skills required of successful workers; the necessary facilities, tools, equipment, supplies, and materials; worker behaviors that are essential for success; and emerging technologies and issues that are likely to affect the occupational field.

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