During a recent grant cycle, ATEEC facilitated a series of six regional water forums documented in this report. The primary purposes of these conversations were to obtain a snapshot view, from business and industry input, of existing and upcoming water management jobs and to determine which jobs are currently most needed in different regions of the country.

Regions covered include the Midwest, Mountain West, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest. The resulting report, Regional Water Conversations, is intended to provide a preliminary labor market analysis and needs assessment. This information allows educational organizations to most effectively target regional water industry requirements, give business and industry confidence that workers are being trained effectively, and provide both short-and long-term education and training for the water technicians of the 21st-century workforce.

Business and industry representatives addressed the following items at a regional level:

  • Specific technician-level jobs typically found in the area
  • Types of certification required by these jobs
  • Labor market data resources for the region
  • Most prevalent and fastest-growing jobs
  • Best practices for water management education/training
  • Emerging issues and future trends in the field

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Advanced Technology Environmental Education Center
Eastern Iowa Community Colleges, IA

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