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To encourage communication among Tribal Colleges and their environmental science faculty, we invite you to join this listserv. This listserv is closely monitored by ATEEC to ensure its integrity.

This list is limited to Tribal College faculty, staff, and administration. If you have other affiliations, you may be asked to provide your intent to participate.

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What is a listserv?

A listserv is basically a group of people who are part of an email list. When an email is sent to the list, everyone gets the email. If somebody replies to the list, everybody gets the reply. It is very similar to a discussion board online, but it comes through email. Each user various options to customize how they receive the emails as well.

Tribal College listserv privacy

  • The Tribal College listserv is not publicly available to everyone. If you subscribe, you may be asked to provide your affiliation with Tribal Colleges and/or their environmental science programs before being allowed entry.
  • The Tribal College listserv does not broadcast your personal information outside of those in the list.
  • Archiving of the listserv is not public. It is a private archive. Only those a part of the list are allowed to view postings that are in the archive.