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2011 Mini-Grants

2011 Mini-Grant Opportunity

During the summer of 2011, National PETE was able to offer a competitive Mini-Grant opportunity to any Tribal high school or college faculty or staff member directly involved in an environmental science (or related) course. Individuals were eligible to apply for funds for:

  1. The purchase of equipment or other materials to enhance environmental science-related labs/classrooms.
  2. The purchase of equipment or other materials to enhance field activities to be used during environmental science courses.
  3. A stipend to assist with student recruitment and/or retention in the science arena (such as through the development of informational brochures or flyers).
  4. A stipend to attend an environmental science or related professional development opportunity.

The grants had to be used and project activities completed by September 30, 2011, at which time grantees were required to submit a report detailing the use of funds:

For more information, please view the solicitation here.

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