The RENEW Iowa (Renewable Energy Network to Educate the Workforce) program is a pilot project on behalf of Iowa community colleges that creates core curriculum in both credit and non-credit formats in the area of Introduction to Renewable Energy for use in all community colleges across Iowa as well as high schools participating in community college dual enrollment programs. By developing a core curriculum that is used across the state, unnecessary duplication is avoided while keeping renewable energy training accessible to all students in the state. The curriculum will be updated in response to the development of new knowledge and technologies emerging from the universities or laboratories, and a standardized curriculum will allow for easier articulation with Iowa four-year colleges and universities. Following the successful implementation of the RENEW Iowa pilot program, additional renewable energy programs that include advanced technical training in specific areas of renewable energy (wind, solar, biofuel, etc.) can be developed using the same model in order to grow the renewable energy workforce in Iowa. Because this program will be state-wide, it can be used as a state model for other areas around the country.

RENEW Iowa is a course that is utilized by Iowa’s community colleges and potentially by their local high schools.

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges coordinates with all Iowa Community Colleges to conduct a pilot project that identifies

  1. a core curriculum for renewable energy programs, and
  2. develops a three credit hour course, Introduction to Renewable Energy/Sustainable Careers, as part of the core curricula.