Protecting the Environment and Earth’s Resources (PEER)

The goal of the PEER (Protecting the Environment and Earth’s Resources) project is to develop a one-year program to educate 25 underrepresented youth, ages 8-10 years, who are served through the United Neighbors, Inc. after-school and summer programs. PEER will use ATEEC’s Connected by a River CD-ROM and field trips to provide learning experiences about natural resources, conservation, and environmental issues.

The PEER project will facilitate monthly field trips including the Nahant Marsh, Wapsi Educational Center, Bettendorf Family Museum, Lock and Dam 15, National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium, Scott County Waste Commission, Clinton County Conservation Board Eco-Cruise, and the Quad Cities Botanical Center. Health and human-health threats from environmental pollution and how it affects children will be an educational priority implemented through the discussions and hands-on activities during the field trips and surrounding the activities in the Connected by a River CD-ROM.

Teaching skills will be developed as ATEEC works with UNI educators to train them in the use of the Connected by a River CD-ROM and of local environmental programs in the community for education purposes. Career development will occur as students learn about environmental issues, environmental careers, and see first-hand professionals working in environmental fields during the field trips. UNI educators will continue to use the Connected by a River CD-ROMs in their classrooms with additional children in the after-school and summer programs.