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One of ATEEC’s goals is to identify and maintain an online listing of environmental, energy, and water technology programs in the nation’s two-year colleges, high schools, and workforce training organizations. With the rapid changes in these technology fields, our databases are updated periodically but are not comprehensive.

Educators with degree, certificate, diploma, and workforce development program offerings are encouraged to add their programs, starting with the menu on the left. (See Notes below.)

For contact information on a specific program, visit the program’s Web page provided in the database or email ATEEC. We’ll be working to tie this list to four-year institutions through the National Council for Science and the Environment’s programs database.

Note 1: These databases list programs of study only; they do not list individual courses. Course information can be found by using the database’s direct links to individual programs’ Web sites.

Note 2: Because a majority of two-year colleges offer environmental science or environmental studies programs, these programs are not listed here. At this time, the ATEEC databases are limited to environmental technology education. For two-year environmental science courses and programs, see the Green Program/Course Listings from the SEED Center.

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As of 2021, you can apply to add your program from our website. The forms for each are linked below:

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