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SEET Technology Workshop

Professional development opportunity for
high school and community college


Date: TBD

Location: TBD

The SEET Technology Workshops, sponsored by the National Science Foundation, focus on energy efficiency and sustainable energy. The Advanced Technology Environmental Education Center (ATEEC) develops the workshop curriculum in conjunction with a host research institution (e.g., National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Colorado School of Mines). Twenty-five high school and community college educators are competitively selected to attend, with the following expenses covered: air fare, lodging, meals, and study materials. Participants are responsible for other incidental expenses. Stipends will be provided. (See below.)

The workshop provides small-group presentations and discussion with researchers and other experts in the field; hands-on, inquiry-based lab experiences; take-home equipment and training; site visits; and field work. The workshop participants produce instructional materials, identify teaching and learning strategies and materials, and will join the established SEET peer network to share learning with high school and two-year college educators in ATEEC's online energy resources clearinghouse. Browse past workshops' outcomes, instructional materials, and presentations using the links in the left-hand menu.

            Outcomes          Deliverables           Participant Support/Stipend

Topics covered at the workshop typically include:

  • Climate change, peak oil, renewable energy, and sustainability
  • Energy-efficient building technologies
  • Wind
  • Solar PV
  • Solar thermal
  • Biofuel/bioenergy
  • Power grid
  • Lab-to-lesson models and materials
seetnw03 The next workshop's curriculum/agenda will be posted here. To provide a general idea of what the curriculum will entail, the 2012 workshop's curriculum is available here.

Outcomes for the workshops include:

Outcome 1Instruction will focus on research advances in energy technology (including renewable energy sources), the resulting requirements for technicians in energy and energy-related occupations, and the implications for a sustainable energy future. seetnw04
seetnw05 Outcome 2Evaluate existing educational materials in energy technology and renewable energy, recommend teaching and learning materials and strategies, and recommend/develop new instructional materials for use by high school and community college instructors and students.
Outcome 3Develop and implement a personal action plan for dissemination of workshop outcomes and for assessing impact on high school and community college instructors and students. seetnw06

Deliverable requirements for the participants:


Deliverable/outcome Detail Due
Contribute to group’s recommended resources list. To be shared in ATEEC's resource clearinghouse Pre-workshop
Contribute a recommended instructional material. For example, core curriculum, classroom activity, syllabus, lesson plan, etc. to be shared in a resource clearinghouse Pre-workshop
Develop & present group activity. Groups to be determined. Activity is to develop one or more assigned instructional material for different types of energy technology programs (e.g., solar PV technician, energy auditor/assessor, energy-efficient building construction, etc.) that may be implemented in a school & shared in a resource clearinghouse. Activity starts during workshop, finishes through online group communication. 50% complete by end of workshop; 100% complete by end of fall semester
Participate in two follow-up group meetings. Online meetings after the workshop Oct & Jan
Report on implementation of workshop-to-classroom learning. Sustainable energy learning from the workshop implemented in the classroom End of fall semester
Provide student impact information For class(es) taught & workshop dissemination activities through documented pre- & post-testing, surveys, etc. End of fall semester
Perform two dissemination activities. Conduct a “train-the-trainer” type activity following the workshop, to disseminate SEET learning to peers and other energy stakeholders (local, regional, and/or national) End of fall semester
Provide workshop and project evaluations. Written & online surveys, online group meeting End of workshop & the following Jan .

Participant support provided by grant (amounts to be added):

  • Stipend allowance (50% on completion of workshop and required outcomes; 50% on completion of required post-workshop outcomes), to be used at participant's discretion
  • Air fare (transportation to/from airport is participant responsibility)
  • Housing, meals, study materials, and transportation during workshop hours
  • Required follow-on dissemination activities
  • Optional energy-related equipment and/or materials for classroom use

For more information on SEET, use the links in the left-hand menu or contact ATEEC.