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Brownfields Workshops

Annual Environmental Job Development All-Grantee Meeting

The Hazardous Materials Training and Research Institute (HMTRI), under a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, held the Annual Environmental Job Development All-Grantee Meeting on October 1-2, 2012 in Alexandria, Virginia. This meeting provided an opportunity for EPA-funded job training grantees to share a variety of approaches to environmental job training with each other and with EPA Regional and Headquarters representatives.

The 98 participants who attended this year’s meeting represented:

  • Current EPA-funded job training programs
  • Past EPA-funded job training programs that are still active
  • Headquarters and Regional EPA staff
  • HMTRI staff
  • DOL staff
  • National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) staff

Agenda Details
The agenda topics were identified by the grantees during the registration process, and consisted of both small- and large-group sessions. Mathy Stanislaus, EPA Assistant Administrator, motivated everyone with his opening remarks on Monday evening. Following opening remarks, EPA staff gave an overview of the EPA departments listed below:

  • Brownfields Program
  • Lead Program
  • Office of Water
  • Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery
  • Office of Underground Storage Tanks
  • Superfund
  • Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention
  • National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

The meeting continued on Tuesday with large-group sessions on:

  • Fulfilling EPA Grant Requirements by EPA Headquarters staff
  • ACRES Training by SRA International, Inc. and EPA Headquarters staff
  • Job Development and Placement/Working with Employers, an open panel discussion facilitated by EPA Headquarters and Regional staff.

Some of the EPA overviews and large-group sessions included PowerPoints that have been uploaded to the Grantee Meeting area of the Brownfields Toolbox Web site.

Facilitated, small-group sessions on a variety of topics were held throughout the day. Facilitators of each session took discussion notes that were compiled and sent to all meeting participants.

The next Annual Environmental Job Development All-Grantee Meeting will be held in the early fall of 2013. Contact Glo Hanne at for more information.