ATEEC Fellows Network

ATEEC Fellows tend
to become friends;
Supporting each other;
Welcoming, feeding, and
caring for first-timers;
Sharing their knowledge
and experience;
Making their communities better;
Helping their students be thinkers;
And letting people at home know
Iowa is not that flat!


Fellows’ Profile

  • Usually attend more than once
  • From 82% of states plus Mexico
  • More than half are 2-year college teachers
  • 39% are women
  • Teach environmental technology,┬ásciences, math, technology education, or a combination
  • Most have higher education degrees


We usually have 18 to 22 Fellows per year, depending on availability of funds. Each year we maintain a balance in representing:

  • All 6 National PETE regions
  • High school & 2-year colleges
  • Science & environmental tech
  • First-timers, periodic returnees, & long-timers

Fellows Since 1995

Alabama 1
Alaska 1
Arizona 4
Arkansas 2
California 12
Colorado 1
Connecticut 1
Florida 11
Georgia 2
Hawaii 3
Idaho 2
Illinois 4
Indiana 3
Iowa 22
Kansas 1
Kentucky 3
Louisiana 3
Maine 2
Maryland 3
Massachusetts 3
Mexico 2
Michigan 4
Minnesota 5
Missouri 2
Montana 8
Nevada 1
New Jersey 3
New Mexico 1
New York 10
North Carolina 2
North Dakota 1
Ohio 4
Oklahoma 1
Oregon 2
Pennsylvania 9
South Carolina 4
Tennessee 3
Texas 16
Utah 1
Virginia 1
Washington 9
Wisconsin 3

 Sources of New ATEEC Fellows

  • Announce on the ATEEC Web site.
  • Email announcement to National and Regional PETE offices and to past 2 or 3 years of Fellows (plus earlier attendees who continue working and communicating with ATEEC).
  • Announce at NSTA Reports Online (and other journals, especially theme-related);
  • Receive recommendations from other Fellows.
  • Research Web to identify schools for administrative nominations in theme-related locales.

Returnees + First-timers =

  • Access to talents of educators ATEEC knows, with the fresh eyes and thinking of new Fellows, whose life experiences inform us all
  • Continuity, yet steady growth of the ATEEC network, so that it always looks beyond rather than inward
  • A sense of belonging combined with a sense of venturing into something new
  • Fellow teachers who are diverse geographically, culturally, and in teaching disciplines, but who share the desire to make a difference with students and the environment