Associates of Applied Science (A.A.S.) Degree

Students may earn an HSET Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree from Scott Community College (SCC). Students must successfully complete 12 of the 13 HSET courses by distance learning, or through Credit for Prior Learning (CPL), and earn the other required credits at SCC or any other college (subject to approval by the SCC registrar).

The course requirements for the A.A.S. degree are given below. Students may use the list as a course sequence guide. For a course description and list of prerequisites (if required), please click on the course links below. It is strongly recommended that students take no more than two distance learning courses at a time.

Graduation Requirements for Health, Safety, and Environmental Technology (A.A.S.)

First Semester
ENG-111Technical Writing (3 credits) or
ENG-105 Composition I (3 credits)
MAT-104 Applied Math Topics (or any other 100 level math or higher) (3 credits)
CHM-122 Introduction to General Chemistry(4 credits)
HSE-100 Occupational Safety (3 credits)
HSE-200 Waste and Remediation (3 credits)
(16 credits total)

Second Semester
CHM-132Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry (4 credits)
SPC-112 Public Speaking (3 credits)
ENV-111 Environmental Science (4 credits)
ENG-106 Composition II (3 credits) or
ENG-108 Composition II: Technical Writing (3 credits)
HSE-110 Industrial Processes (3 credits)
(17 credits total)

Third Semester
HSE-105 Characteristics of Hazardous Materials (3 credits)
HSE-205 Air and Water Quality (3 credits)
HSE-225 Legal Aspects of Occupational Safety and Health (3 credits)
HSE-230 Transportation of Hazardous Materials (3 credits)
– Social Science/Humanities General Education Elective (3 credits)
(15 credits total)

Fourth Semester
HSE-211 Contingency Planning/Incident Management (4 credits)
HSE-250 Special Topics (Fire Prevention and Ergonomics) (4 credits) or
HSE-270 Sampling and Monitoring Procedures (4 credits)
HSE-275 Worker Compensation/Incident Investigation (3 credits)
HSE-280 Hazardous Materials Health Effects (3 credits)
HSE-285 Industrial Hygiene (3 credits)
(17 credits total)

Total Credit Hours for the A.A.S. in HSET – 65