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FLOOD! - Engineered Flood Controls

Instructional module
Chuck Crawford Nancy Wolber Robin Ritter and Ray Wishart
ATEEC Fellows Institute; Muscatine IA

This instructional module was created at the 2010 ATEEC Fellows Institute with the theme of Flood Management. It contains a variety of offerings for a unit on flood engineering controls including background information outside resources and three learning activities. It addresses the questions:

  • How do you control the Mississippi the 3rd largest drainage basin in the world?
  • How dependable are levees and other engineered structures?
  • Is this the only way to manage a watershed and potential flooding?

Learning activities include:

  • "Exploring Your Watershed" (Webquest)
  • "Exploring the Dams in Your Area" (Webquest)
  • "Building a Water Pressure Simulator" (lab)

  • Zip file

Click here to download the file.

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