Environmental Program Capacity Building Summit for Tribal and Pacific Rim Faculty: Report

Report on the results of an NSF-funded faculty development workshop to promote collaboration to strengthen education programs at tribal colleges by providing program improvement technical assistance.

Provides professional development presentations for indigenous college instructors, including:
  • STEM resources
  • Water quality curriculum resources
  • Lessons learned and preferred learning styles for Native American students
  • Benefits of DACUM process
  • Case studies of developing STEM programs and workforce development at Tribal and Pacific Rim institutions
  • Recruitment, training, placement, and retention program efforts
  • Best practices in environmental and energy technology education at Tribal Colleges
Enhances individual instructors’ program improvement efforts

Results of mini-DACUM to identify:
  • Emerging topics in environmental health and safety, and natural resources fields,
  • Curriculum gaps in the identified emerging topics and address possible solutions, and
  • Overarching theme for potential Indigenous Fellows Institutes
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National Partnership for Environmental Technology Education, ME

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