Effects of Climate Change- Permafrost and Glaciers - Google Earth Virtual Field Trip Activity

In this two-part trip first you will explore permafrost the effects that climate change has on current infrastructures built on it and environmental impacts. Part two covers the effects climate change has on glaciers in Alaska and around the world. The 2008 ATEEC Fellows Institute brought 18 environmental science community college and high school instructors to Alaska. They created virtual field trips using Google Earth.

An excellent exploration of Alaska's vastness and beauty. Plenty of pictures and video to enhance learning. Discover why permafrost is important the challenges of building on it the effects of climate change and the ecosystems that rely on permafrost. Part two of this activity will take you to various glaciers in Alaska and around the world. Learn about the effects that climate change has on these receding glaciers and discover what it means on a broader level. Includes an excellent teacher's guide to help instructors implement this lesson in their classroom.

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