With the Midwest’s growing use of wind, biofuel, and solar energies, the demand for skilled technicians has increased and is expected to continue growing. With graduates of this program receiving strong electromechanical training, they will be able to seek employment in non-renewable energy related fields as well.

Persons with an
AAS degree in the
renewable energy
field would expect to make
$25,000-35,000 annually.

Photovoltaic technicians
can expect to make
between $15 and
$20 per hour.

Photovoltaic foremen can
expect to make between $20 and
$25 per hour*.

*Source: Texas State
Technical College System

A 2007 EICC survey of local and regional employers contacted by EICC indicated there is need for workers trained in the electromechanical area of the renewable energy industry.

Ethanol, biodiesel, and wind are the fastest growing renewable energy industries in Iowa, followed by methane production and solar.

In 2007, the United States increased wind power capacity by 45%.

According to many surveys, Iowa now ranks third in the entire nation in wind energy production.

Related Occupational Titles

  • Electrician
  • Renewable Energy Technician
  • Solar Systems Installer
  • Ethanol Manufacturing Maintenance Technician
  • Biodiesel Manufacturing Maintenance Technician
  • Windsmith