Certificate Program

The HSET certificate is granted upon the successful completion of 18 credits (six courses).
Students may choose a certificate with either an environmental or a safety emphasis with assistance from their advisor to reach the required 18 semester hours for their personalized certificate.

Required Core Courses of the Certificate Program:
HSE-100 Occupational Safety (3 credits)
HSE-225 Legal Aspects of Occupational Safety and Health (3 credits)
HSE-285 Industrial Hygiene (3 credits)
(9 credits core total)

Safety Emphasis Courses (9 hours requirement):
HSE-105 Characteristics of Hazardous Materials (3 credits)
HSE-211 Contingency Planning/Incident Management (4 credits)
HSE-230 Transportation of Hazardous Materials (3 credits)
HSE-250 Special Topics (Fire Prevention and Ergonomics) (4 credits)
HSE-275 Worker Compensation/Incident Investigation (3 credits)

Environmental Emphasis Courses (9 hours requirement):
HSE-110 Industrial Processes (3 credits)
HSE-200 Waste and Remediation (3 credits)
HSE-205 Air and Water Quality (3 credits)
HSE-270 Sampling and Monitoring Procedures (4 credits)
HSE-280 Hazardous Materials Health Effects (3 credits)

Total Credit Hours for the Certificate in HSET – 18

For additional information, please visit the HSET Web site or contact:

John Morgan – Health, Safety, and Environmental Trainer

Dominique Petrillo – EHS Program Facilitator