ATEEC  held a a webinar about our “Defining Water Management Report” on December 4th, 2013.

Summary of the Webinar

This webinar is intended to familiarize anyone interested in the water management field, with the recent report on  ATEEC’s “Defining Water Management” forum. Some of the information that will be covered includes:


  •              Defining the current field as it applies to technicians (two-year college degree or certificate level).
  •              Further defining the field by sorting it into general occupational categories for technicians.
  •              Identifying specific technician-level occupational titles and job functions within each of those categories.
  •              Developing a projection of future trends in the field.
  •              Conducting six “Regional Water Conversation” forums.
  •              Maintaining online, interactive water technology program database.
  •              Expanding our offerings of ATEEC’s no-fee, downloadable water instructional and curricular materials

You can view the recording of the webinar by clicking the link below.