Eastern Iowa Community Colleges and Muscatine Community College conducted a “Defining Forum” and generated this Defining Agriculture-Based Renewable Energy Careers report to identify and define the intersection of two broad occupational fields: Agriculture and Renewable Energy (RE).

The objectives for the project are to:

  • Define an Iowa agriculture-based renewable energy technology field: “Ag-based RE.”
  • Identify broad Ag-based RE occupational categories.
  • Define what the occupation of technician.
  • Identify technician-level occupations and their broad job functions within each ag-based RE technology occupational category.

The audience for this report includes:

  • Counselors, faculty, and administrators of academic institutions at all levels, but particularly two-year colleges and high schools
  • Employers
  • Leaders of professional societies
  • Federal, state, and local government officials who have responsibility for the quality and quantity of the nation’s technical workforce.

PDF file


  • Eastern Iowa Community Colleges, Iowa
  • Muscatine Community College, Iowa

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