Developed by the Partnership for Environmental Technology Education and ATEEC, the Bring Energy to Your Campus CD-ROM provides educators with a series of educational resources to help the nation’s community/technical colleges establish energy technology programs. These programs teach students how to optimize the production, delivery, management, and use of our energy resources.

Primary resource materials in Bring Energy to Your Campus include:

  • Best Practices for Planning an Energy Services & Technology Program guidebook
  • Energy Services Careers report
  • “Energy Services Careers” occupational chart
  • Model energy technology curriculum
  • Internet resources for additional research

The Best Practices guidebook covers the practicalities of introducing an energy program, from teaching to program review to administrative best practices, including:

  • Planning a valid curriculum
  • Using contextual strategies in performance-based instruction
  • Developing alliances
  • Assessing program success

The model curriculum for energy technology may be used to establish two-year associate degree and one-year certificate programs in community, technical, and junior colleges. Portions of the curriculum may also be integrated into existing vocational/technical programs that are involved with energy usage such as HVAC, facilities maintenance, construction, architecture, and landscaping programs. The model curriculum provides a set of recommended courses, including core courses, general education courses, support courses, and suggestions for degree options. Most colleges already offer the recommended general education courses and support courses: however, your college might not offer the core courses. Therefore, a syllabus is also provided for each core course.

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