The "Biodiesel Lab Exercise with Hydrogen Enrichment" presentation is part of the 2012 SEET Energy Webinar series, created as an instructional material project during ATEEC/CSM's Sustainable Energy Education and Training (SEET) Workshop for high school and community college energy technology instructors.


This material provides basic biodiesel production information. (Supplementary instructions are included on producing a 10-liter batch of biodiesel fuel using waste vegetable oil, showing the steps from titration to washing the finished fuel.) The presentation will show the construction of a simple two-cell hydrogen generator made from easily obtainable components. Instructors will run a 14-liter diesel engine on a dynamometer under load with D2, B5, B10, B20, and B100 blends of fuels to show the changes in the fuel rate of the engine with each fuel. Finally, the engine will be shown running under the same load with D2 and the two-cell hydrogen generator to demonstrate the change in the fuel rate with the addition of hydrogen.


  • Robert Clark, Joliet Junior College, Illinois
  • Chien-Wei Han, Pima Community College, Arizona
  • Thomas Kearns, Massasoit Community College, Massachusetts
  • Jeff Oder, Lake Land College, Illinois

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