This three-part instructional material was created at the 2011 ATEEC Fellows Institute (overall theme of bioremediation of contaminants in the environment). The material provides details on creating learning activities using video media on bioremediation for use in the classroom/laboratory.

The following information is included in this instructional material:

  • Instructor’s Guide
    • Student Instructions
    • Recognizing Aspects and Facts of a Pollution Event Documentary
    • Additional Documentary Examples
    • Notes and Resources for Making a Documentary
    • Storyboarding
    • Notes and Resources for Taking Photos and Videos
    • Meeting Minutes and Agenda
    • Weekly Update
  • Power Point Presentation of the Assignment
  • Task Tracker

PDF file

Lynn Singletary, William Carey University, MS
Farah Firtha, San Bernardino Valley College, CA
Robert Ford, Frederick Community College, MD


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