This instructional material was created at the 2011 ATEEC Fellows Institute (overall them of bioremediation of contaminants in the environment). The material provides three learning activities for use in the classroom/laboratory.

The following three activities included in this instructional material will provide practice in the use of the scientific method, development of laboratory techniques, experimental design, the interpretation of experimental results, and the ability to understand the role of science within our larger society. Activity three can also be used to introduce students to careers in the oil spill response and regulatory fields as well as to help them understand the stakeholders involved when oil spills occur.

  • Activity#1, Bioremediation Research Proposal and Report for Student Evaluation
  • Activity#2, “Sheen Screen” Demonstration of Oil-Degrading Bacteria in the Environment
  • Activity#3, Can Bioremediation Be Used to Clean a Local Oil Spill?

PDF file

Wesley Winterbottom, Gateway Community College, CT
Roger Everhart, School of Environmental Studies, MN
Jeff Newmeister, North Scott High School, IA


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