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Best Practices in Environmental and Energy Technology Education at Tribal Colleges Click image to download report. Environmental Program Capacity Building Summit for Tribal and Pacific Rim Faculty: REPORT Click image to download report. Fort Peck Community College – Developing a Hazardous Materials Jobs Chart Click image to download report. Little Priest Tribal College – ProgramContinue reading “View Reports”

Defining Environmental Technology

Visit ATEEC’s products section to download a free copy of our Defining Environmental Technology report. ATEEC was funded by the National Science Foundation (DUE #0702439) to incorporate a Sustainable Energy Resource Center under the umbrella of the existing Environmental Technology Resource Center. To move towards this goal, the first major activity was to hold twoContinue reading “Defining Environmental Technology”


Advanced Technology Environmental Education Center RESOURCES FOR BUSINESS, EDUCATION, AND GOVERNMENT Interactive Charts Water Reports Energy Reports Environmental Reports Best Practices Guide Learn More Featured Tools Defining Careers ATEEC’s popular Defining Careers resource materials provide easy-to-understand overviews of jobs in the fields of water, environment, and energy. Occupational reports, charts, and interactive tools help the userContinue reading “Home”


Water Resources Toolkit A RESOURCE FOR BUSINESS, EDUCATION, AND GOVERNMENT ATEEC is focused on improving knowledge and resources for environmental education. Our general focus is on water and wastewater careers, but we have additional resources for energy and environmental resources as well. Please scroll through this page to learn more about some of our website.Continue reading “Water”

ATEEC Report, “Regional Water Conversations”

ATEEC has just released a unique new report that provides a snapshot of water technology issues in different regions across the U.S. “Regional Water Conversations” gathered input from the Midwest, Mountain West, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest areas of the country to provide specific regional input on technician-level occupations and issues in the water managementContinue reading “ATEEC Report, “Regional Water Conversations””

ATEEC Fellows Network

ATEEC Fellows Network ATEEC Fellows tend to become friends; Supporting each other; Welcoming, feeding, and caring for first-timers; Sharing their knowledge and experience; Making their communities better; Helping their students be thinkers; And letting people at home know Iowa is not that flat! Fellows’ Profile Usually attend more than once From 82% of states plusContinue reading “ATEEC Fellows Network”

Institute Outcomes

ATEEC Fellows Institute Outcomes Each year, as the ATEEC Fellows Institute ends, the Institute professors turn their attention to the next year’s Institute. Early in the new academic year, the professors’ research and collaboration yields the theme, book title(s), the overarching questions, and teaching ideas; an ATEEC instructional designer selects a curriculum project for theContinue reading “Institute Outcomes”

2010 Tribal Fellows

The 2010 Tribal Fellows Institute was a summer workshop for Tribal college and high school environmental science faculty. The 2010 Tribal Fellows Institute was held August 2-6, 2010 at Salish Kootenai College on the Flathead Indian Reservation in Pablo, Montana. Topics of study included Water Management and Pollution Prevention. For detailed information, download the 2010Continue reading “2010 Tribal Fellows”