Residential Energy Technician DACUM

The Residential Energy Technician applies the “house as a system” energy efficiency technology to new and retrofit construction.  PDF file Partnership for Environmental Technology Education, ME Southern Maine Technical College, ME

UPDATE: Defining Energy Technologies and Services Report

The Defining Energy Technologies and Services report validates and updates occupational information with input from educators, technicians, researchers, business, and industry. It defines the energy technology field and identifies occupational categories and job functions.

Defining Energy Technologies and Services Careers Chart

The “Defining Energy Technologies and Services” careers chart provides a snapshot view of energy technology careers at the technician level. This wall-mountable poster is a great quick reference for students, technicians, employers, educators, and government representatives. ATEEC has collected information from expert practitioners and educators in the field to generate the 2016 Defining Energy TechnologiesContinue reading “Defining Energy Technologies and Services Careers Chart”

SEET Energy Webinar Series

SEET Energy Webinar Series The Sustainable Energy Education and Training (SEET) project hosted a series of free webinars developed by SEET energy technology instructors, offering training on a variety of sustainable energy topics. The webinars were held each Wednesday between September 19 and October 17, 2012. All webinars are now available for viewing, as wellContinue reading “SEET Energy Webinar Series”

AgEnergy Workshop

Workshop The Agriculture-based Renewable Energy Professional Development Workshop will provide 20 community college and high school agriculture and science teachers from the Midwest with the opportunity to learn ways to bring research on ag-based renewable energy technologies to the classroom. This hands-on workshop will be held from June 11‒14, 2012 at Iowa State University inContinue reading “AgEnergy Workshop”