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Advanced Technology Environmental Education Center


ATEEC’s popular Defining Careers resource materials provide easy-to-understand overviews of jobs in the fields of water, environment, and energy. Occupational reports, charts, and interactive tools help the user categorize and organize jobs in these fields and allow browsing of specific jobs and descriptions, including job functions, projected job growth, pay scales, and educational requirements.

ATEEC and MIT teamed up to produce Technology and Environmental Decision-Making (TED)—a series of instructional modules developed by researchers and instructional designers. The modules deliver science-based background information and the latest research on a variety of environmental concerns. ATEEC has since updated selected modules.

ATEEC identifies and maintains an online listing of water, environmental, and energy technology programs offered by the nation’s two-year colleges, high schools, and workforce training organizations. With the rapid changes in these technology fields, our databases are updated periodically, but are not comprehensive. Educators are encouraged to add new programs.

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ATEEC and EICC Receive $780,000 grant

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges (EICC) has officially received notice that it will receive a more than $780,000 grant from the National Science Foundation.

The grant, totaling $784,218, will be spread out over a three-year period through the end of June, 2020. It will be administered by the college’s Advanced Technology Environmental Education Center (ATEEC) and is for a project entitled “Water Intense: Interactive Technology Education”…





Water Operator Salaries Depend Largely on Geographic Location

Water operator salaries and wages depend largely on where operators live and work, according to statistics released by the US Department of Labor last year. And even when operators live in the same state or region, salaries can vary depending on if the operator works in or close to a major metropolitan area…





Legacy and Perspectives for the Science of Hydrology

If you were to claim that Water Resources Research (published by the American Geophysical Union) is the world’s foremost hydrologic/water resources journal you would get little or no arguments – certainly not from me…




A one-step catalyst turns…
From the original article: NSF-funded NEWT Center aims for catalytic converter for nitrate-polluted water Engineers at Rice University’s Nanotechnology Enabled Water Treatment (NEWT) Center have found a catalyst that cleans toxic nitrates from drinking water by converting them into air and water…
2016 Annual Environmental…
The 2016 Annual Environmental Job Development All-Grantee Meeting was held August 17–18 in Alexandria, VA. Among the 116 participants, there were:   74 participants representing 45 EPA-funded Environmental Workforce Development and Job Training (EWDJT) programs (current and past) 6 Professio…
AgEnergy Conference 2016
In July of 2015, 19 educators from across the country gathered to learn about sustainable energy at a four-day workshop hosted by Iowa State University (ISU) in Ames, Iowa. ISU, in conjunction with ATEEC, provided teachers with hands-on workshop activities in the fields of wind energy, solar power,…