[Jtgrantees] FW: Federal Register Notice is Live!!

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GRANTEES....please see the reminder below from EPA Headquarters.


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Hi Glo.  Can you please send a reminder out on the listserv to everyone about this FR Notice?  Thanks!

Joseph Bruss
Environmental Justice and Job Training Coordinator
U.S. EPA, Office of Brownfields and Land Revitalization
Phone: (202) 566-2772

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GRANTEES.......please see the message below from EPA Headquarters.


*         We are very excited to share with you the Federal Register notice inviting interested organizations or programs to submit a letter of interest to join the 21st Century Conservation Service Corps (21CSC).

*         The 21CSC is a bold effort coming out of the President's America's Great Outdoors Initiative to bring together local, state, tribal, non-profit, university, federal, and other conservation corps programs to build a national movement and platform for conservation work and training opportunities for young people and veterans. These opportunities will provide our youth and veterans valuable job and personal skills and will give them a lifelong connection to our natural and cultural resources and to shared stewardship of those resources.  At the same time, the 21CSC will accomplish critical restoration and conservation work on our public lands and a waters, making a lasting contribution to the health and accessibility of our great outdoors. The 21CSC is a partnership effort, developed with federal and non-federal input, including from a 21CSC Federal Advisory Committee.

*         The 21CSC Federal Advisory Council recommended and the Interagency National Council agreed to eight program criteria for participation in the 21CSC. This Federal Register notice is to provide the opportunity to all organizations and programs who meet the eight criteria to submit letters of interest to become part of the 21CSC.

*         Our process moving forward will be to review the submissions received before August 1 to determine consistency with the eight 21CSC program principles, and respond to interested organizations by September 30, 2013.

*         We ask you to help us make sure that this notice and opportunity reaches all potentially interested parties across the country, including those that do not work directly with any federal partner.

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