[Jtgrantees] REMINDER: Annual Job Training All-Grantee Meeting

Hanne, Glo ghanne at eicc.edu
Thu Jul 11 11:53:53 EDT 2013

GRANTEES (past, present, and new).....

If you have not yet registered for this year's Annual All-Grantee Meeting, please do so as soon as possible. The hotel's deadline of August 9 is less than one month away. The summer is slipping away quickly!

Thanks! Hope to see you all in September!


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The Hazardous Materials Training and Research Institute (HMTRI), under a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. EPA, invites you to attend the Annual Environmental Job Development All-Grantee Meeting. This meeting provides a unique opportunity to share a variety of approaches to environmental job training and development. The focus of the meeting is for grantees to exchange information and ideas with each other and with EPA Regional and Headquarters representatives. All grantees are strongly encouraged to attend.

This year's meeting will be held in Alexandria, Virginia, on September 18-19, 2013. As in past years, the agenda will include both small- and large-group sessions.

Please see the attachment for detailed meeting information.

To register for the meeting, please send me an email that includes the following information:

*         Name

*         Organization

*         Address, City, State, Zip

*         Phone

*         Fax

*         Email

*         Name of the job training program you are representing

*         Three general topics you would like to have included on the meeting agenda

A registration form to fax or mail is also included in the attachment. Please note the registration and hotel reservation deadline of FRIDAY, AUGUST 9.

For questions or for more information, please contact me at ghanne at eicc.edu<mailto:ghanne at eicc.edu>, or by phone at 563.441.4081 or toll-free at 1.866.419.6761.

I hope to see you in September!

Thank you.


Glo Hanne
ATEEC, HMTRI / Eastern Iowa Community Colleges
201 N. Harrison Street, Suite 101
Davenport, IA 52801
563.441.4080 fax

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