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Defining Energy Technologies and Services Careers Chart


The “Defining Energy Technologies and Services” careers chart provides a snapshot view of energy technology careers at the technician level. This wall-mountable poster is a great quick reference for students, technicians, employers, educators, and government representatives.

ATEEC has collected information from expert practitioners and educators in the field to generate the 2008 Defining Energy Technologies and Services report, distilling a wide ranging field of occupations into an easy-to-understand overview of the energy field technician occupations and job functions. The chart from this report is provided here as a mini-poster (11″ x 17″) to use as a quick reference to the energy technology and services field.

PDF file

Advanced Technology Environmental Education Center
Eastern Iowa Community Colleges, IA

Click here to download the file.

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Defining Environmental Technology Report


Keeping the education field ahead of the curve on careers in the environmental technology field, ATEEC recently released an updated version of the Defining Environmental Technology report.

This report, first produced in 1996 and last updated in 2008, lists the occupational categories, titles, and functions in the Environmental Technology field as defined by a panel of industry experts.

Changes in the 2014 edition include the expansion of water-related occupational categories and the confirmation of sustainability as a full-fledged occupational category. (It had been identified as an “emerging occupational field” in the 2008 edition.)

These changes reflect the ongoing integration of business and environmental concern.

ATEEC collaborated with the Partnership for Environmental Technology Education ( to select the highly qualified panel of 20 business, industry, and government agency representatives, as well as two- and four- year college environmental technology educators.

These experts participated in a two-day forum defining the environmental technology field as it relates to the two-year technician level.

A primary purpose of this report is to enhance counselor, teacher, and student awareness of environmental careers at the technician level.

This report also contributes to addressing the workforce development needs of business, industry, and government by providing educators with information needed to develop relevant curriculum that prepares students for environmental technology careers.

Defining Environmental Technology can be downloaded for free at

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Community SuppOrt, Networking, and AssistaNce for Environmental Career Training (CONNECT)


The Hazardous Materials Training and Research Institute (HMTRI) at Eastern Iowa Community Colleges (EICC) received a five-year award from the U.S. EPA under the Brownfields Training, Research, and Technical Assistance grant program.

The topic area addressed was Technical Assistance to Environmental Workforce Development and Job Training (EWDJT) grantees.

HMTRI‘s Community SuppOrt, Networking, and AssistaNce for Environmental Career Training (CONNECT) Program will provide technical assistance, information, and peer-to-peer networking to new, existing, and prospective Environmental Workforce Development and Job Training grantees.

will assist communities to build and expand their programs through annual workforce development meetings, professional learning communities, mentor links, webinars, individualized technical assistance, the Brownfields Job Development Toolbox and Trainers Resource website, the grantee and community outreach listserv, and other support services.

The CONNECT Program will contribute to the economic sustainability of communities by providing employment to residents who otherwise are likely to be unemployed or receiving public assistance and linking graduates with on-going environmental assessment and cleanup projects, as well as wastewater treatment and other land restoration projects.

The social sustainability of communities will be supported by providing residents a career path and meaningful work that requires specialized training and certifications that result in livable wages and career pathways. The environmental sustainability of communities will be assisted with establishing a local skilled workforce capable of performing environmental remediation.

Finally, CONNECT will contribute to the public health of communities by educating residents to identify and reduce health and environmental threats posed by contaminants at brownfields and other solid and hazardous waste sites.


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New ATEEC Report, “Regional Water Conversations”


ATEEC has just released a unique new report that provides a snapshot of water technology issues in different regions across the U.S. “Regional Water Conversations” gathered input from the Midwest, Mountain West, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest areas of the country to provide specific regional input on technician-level occupations and issues in the water management field.

ATEEC used these Conversation forums to build on information gathered in its 2013 national “Defining Water Management” report, with the goal of further definitizing the water field based on regional similarities and differences. Six community colleges across the country were chosen to host the series of conversations with business and industry. Host colleges included:

  • Bristol Community College and New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission (Massachusetts)
  • Central Carolina Community College (South Carolina)
  • Cuyamaca College (California)
  • Eastern Iowa Community Colleges (Iowa)
  • Lane Community College (Oregon)
  • Red Rocks Community College (Colorado)

The discussions helped document and analyze the regional applicability of the previous national results in the water management field. The resulting report provided information on differentiation and consistency among the regions in areas of:

  • Technician-level occupational titles and job functions
  • Fastest-growing jobs
  • Certification and licensure requirements
  • Best practices and documentation
  • Cross-cutting technical and employability knowledge and skills
  • Future trends and emerging issues in the field

One of the highlights of the report is a chart listing Fastest-Growing Technician Jobs in the Water Field as:

  • Midwest: Water Treatment Operator, Wastewater Plant Operator, Stormwater/MS4 Technician, Environmental Sampling/Monitoring Technician, Green Infrastructure Specialist, and IT Professional
  • Mountain West: Water Treatment Operator, PLC/SCADA Specialist, Water Reclamation Plant Operator, Distribution Operator, Instrumentation & Control Technician, Asset & Capital Improvement Planning Manager, and Collection System Operator
  • Northeast: Water & Wastewater Operators, Instrumentation Technician, SCADA Technician, Maintenance Technician, Drinking Water Operator, and Collection Systems Operator
  • Northwest: PLC/SCADA Programmer, Instrumentation Technician, Operations Technician, Stormwater Facility Installation/Maintenance Specialist, GIS Specialist, and Water Treatment Operator
  • Southeast: Water Treatment Operator, Wastewater Plant Operator, Plant Maintenance Technician, Utility Locator, Process Control Technician, PLC/SCADA Technician, and Lab Technician
  • Southwest: Water Treatment Operator, Wastewater Plant Operator, Environmental Compliance Technician, Instrumentation Technician, PLC/SCADA Programmer, Mechanical Maintenance Technician, Water Conservation Technician

(Occupations in bold indicate similar job needs across the board.)

The “Regional Water Conversations” and “Defining Water Management” reports and posters are available in both print and electronic formats. The reports are being disseminated to business and industry professionals, educators, technicians, students, and other stakeholders throughout the country via the Resources section of ATEEC’s website at

(Click the image below to go directly to the report)



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Energize Students!


This summer saw the third installment of the Energize Students! Teachers’ Workshop. Four teachers from three states spent a week learning ways to incorporate renewable energy into their classroom.

The small-group size allowed for an exceptionally in-depth week that was positively received and enjoyed by all.

Energize Students! attendees saw presentations from many leaders in education and energy, including Exelon, Davenport Community Schools, and KidWind.

The teachers also enjoyed demonstrations of local resources available for teachers and students, including online curriculum sources, career planning for students, and 3D technology for the classroom.

The first two days of the workshop introduced the teachers to renewable energy and allowed them to experience many of the curriculum options available from the Interactive Learning Lab’s Carver Lending Library. (Local educators can check out these items to use in their classrooms.)

During days three and four, the teachers explored wind and solar energy through hands-on exploration.

They built their own wind turbines and held a contest to see whose designs could lift the most weight. The teachers also enjoyed pumping water using solar panels.

The week ended at the Blong Technology Center where the teachers toured the facilities, learned more about solar panel installation, and made a small batch of biodiesel.

A special thanks to all of the presenters who shared their expertise: Kirk Marske (Career Cruising), Tracey Masamoto (JTM Concepts), Craig Nelson (EICC), Jeremy Pickard (ATEEC), Theresa Rock (Davenport Community Schools), Elizabeth Schramm (Nahant Marsh), Emily Starr (StarrMatica), William Stoermer (Exelon), and Asia Ward (KidWind).

Professional Development for K-12 Science Teachers

Science and math teachers from Iowa and Illinois will have the opportunity to participate in ENERGIZE STUDENTS! Bringing Sustainable Energy into the Classroom. This five-day workshop will be held at the ATEEC Interactive Learning Lab and the Blong Technology Center in Davenport, Iowa from July 8-12, 2013.

Hosted by ATEEC under a grant from the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust, the workshop is intended to help facilitate the incorporation of alternative energy education into K-12 science curriculum.

Teachers will have the opportunity to increase their science knowledge, conduct inquiry-driven problem solving scenarios, integrate technology into science teaching, use manipulative science materials, and improve science teaching skills across the science strands.

During the week, the teachers will be busy with hands-on experiments beginning with instructional kits from A World in Motion®, a program that brings science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to life in the classroom for students in Kindergarten through grade 12.

Benchmarked to national science and math standards, the program incorporates the laws of physics, motion, flight, and electronics into hands-on activities that reinforce classroom STEM curriculum.

Teachers will also use the KidWind® Advanced Wind Experiment kit and Thermal Solar kit to help students discover concepts of wind turbine technology and solar technology.

Teachers will explore the ATEEC Interactive Learning Lab’s exhibits and work with experiments that complement each area of the Lab such as solar power, basic electricity, water conservation, and wind generation kits. These kits will be made available to teachers to use in their classrooms through the Lab’s Lending Library.


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DHS offering PAID HS-STEM Summer Internships


U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
015 HS-STEM Summer Internships
Application deadline: December 22, 2014

Undergraduate students receive a $6,000 stipend plus travel expenses.
Graduate students receive a $7,000 stipend plus travel expenses.


10-week research experiences are offered at: Argonne, Berkeley, Livermore, Los Alamos, Oak Ridge, Pacific Northwest, and Sandia National Laboratories; as well as at Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute, Coast Guard Research and Development Center, Customs and Borders Protection Laboratories and Scientific Services, Domestic Nuclear Detection Office, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Naval Research Laboratory, Engineer Research and Development Center, National Security Technologies Remote Sensing Laboratory, Transportation Security Laboratory, and more.


Areas of research: Engineering, computer science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biological / life sciences, environmental science, emergency and incident management, social sciences, and more.

U.S. citizenship required


Detailed information about the internships can be found at:


Please share this information with students and colleagues at your academic institution/organization.

A poster is located at:

DHS has partnered with the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) to manage the program. For questions please email us

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RCNET Webinar – Nuclear Leadership


RCNET is hosting a webinar for students and faculty Tuesday, November 18th at 2:00pm Eastern.  Dr. Michael Johnson will be presenting on Nuclear Leadership. 
Dr. Michael Johnson started his career in the Navy as a nuclear trained machinist mate serving on submarines and instructor duty. He was commissioned as a Naval Officer (Limited Duty Officer) and served as a Naval Reactors representative at Newport News Shipbuilding, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, and the Naval Reactors Facility in Idaho.


Upon his retirement from the Navy, he held leadership positions in the operations and maintenance departments at the Department of Energy nuclear facility in Idaho and in the commercial nuclear industry. He is currently the Faculty Program Director for Energy Management at Excelsior College.


This webinar is designed to acclimate students to leadership within the nuclear world from a former Navy officer and employee.  This will be a great opportunity for students to learn about leadership within the Nuclear environment.


Date: November 18, 2014

Time:  2:00 PM EST


Dial In:  (571) 392-7703 Pin: 443 660 354 509


If you have any questions, please contact me at or Ja Ann Balsamo at


Jamey Capers

RCNET Program Manager

Indian River State College


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Defining Environmental Technology Chart


The “Defining Environmental Technology” chart provides a detailed view of environmental technology careers at the technician level.

ATEEC has collected information from expert practitioners and educators in the field to generate the 2014 Defining Environmental Technology report and chart. The materials distill a wide-ranging field of occupations into an easy-to-understand overview of the environmental field technician occupations and job functions.

PDF file

Advanced Technology Environmental Education Center
Eastern Iowa Community Colleges, IA

Click here to download the file.

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